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Our Uplighting Does It All

subtle uplighting
pink uplighting
mansion uplighting
Newburyport, MA uplighting
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Fairmont Copley uplighting
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Boston uplighting


Uplighting is the latest and hottest trend in the wedding scene. Washing a room with color is an art. No one understands the power of uplighting quite like our lighting team.

How can you use this at your wedding?

Our lighting specialists are able to manipulate their compact, wireless LED fixtures in a way that divinely illuminates any venue. No stripes or lines, just carefully crafted uplighting that washes your entire space. Whether it's a subtle candlelit glow, winter blues, or dramatic changes that match the energy of the music, we have it covered.


Uplighting isn't an afterthought, it is the ambiance that defines the mood of your wedding day. Liz, Lupita, or, Julie can accent it however you'd like.

Did we mention that we actually build our own uplights? When we say we are experts and lighting options are endless...we mean it!

white uplighting
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