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Anthony soto

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Brooklyn, NY native Anthony Soto (Serenity the Prophet) brings a dynamic range of wisdom, precision and professionalism wherever he performs.

A truly experienced wedding DJ has a sense of calm about them in all situations. This rarely found trait is a staple of Anthony's. He's performed at hundreds of weddings and has special music instincts...he knows EXACTLY what music and energy is required at every moment.

What else makes Anthony so exceptional?

He is a seasoned artist who is well versed in all genres and cultures of music. Anthony has crafted his skill for decades in legendary freestyle clubs, influential vinyl shops, working with record labels, radio stations, and performing at a multitude of weddings. 


Beyond music, Anthony is a genuine and compassionate person. Couples gush over his down to earth nature and attention to detail. 


Take the stress out of wedding planning with Anthony on your team!

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