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Jordan davis

Being inspired by all genres of music, Jordan has a musically inclusive approach that perfectly appeals to all ages at weddings. 

"If you're feelin' it, the crowd knows and you can channel that energy into a really fun custom set" says Jordan. And that is exactly what he does time and time again.

How does Jordan consistently fill a dance floor?

He pays attention. Working crowds is something Jordan is no stranger to. As the lead singer of Kingsfoil (notably, Frankie Muniz was the drummer), Jordan entertained huge crowds opening for Twenty One Pilots, Goo Goo Dolls, Stone Temple Pilots and more. 

One of his favorite things about being a DJ is channeling this and initially assessing the crowd. Jordan has a natural ability to quickly figure out what music reaches each pocket of guests at a wedding. He then uses the sequencing of music to pull those groups together on the floor.


If a dance floor, full of all ages, is your goal, Jordan is the answer.


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