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Caitlin hickey


With Caitlin, you and your guests can count on dancing to a well-curated array of musical genres and eras ALL NIGHT!

DJ Caitlin has the drive and ambition for her craft that your wedding day deserves. Given her lifelong relationship with music, including an extensive background in music education from New England Conservatory, Caitlin embodies artistic and professional dedication. She is the DJ who will stay committed to giving your ideas the wings to take flight without letting you break a sweat. 


During her ‘downtime’, Caitlin works to perfect her skillset with real world experience; Frequently participating at showcases nationwide such as NAMM, DJ Expo, and Boston DJ Expo Harvest of Sound. 


DJ Caitlin has also had the noteworthy experience of working on set with Hollywood A-listers on multiple occasions (in ‘Don’t Look Up’, alongside Ariana Grande & Kid Cudi, as well as in the upcoming film ‘Challengers’ starring Zendaya.)

Her unique approach to the art of music mixology will help to keep people talking about your wedding dance floor for years to come!

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