adrienne ervin

Adrienne has a distinct voice behind the DJ booth that's instantly recognizable.

Infectious energy and good vibes are Adrienne's specialty. She's able to transcend this through the speakers and get the dance floor moving in unity, front to back.

What makes Adrienne such a powerful performer?

Dichotomy. In Nashville, by way of New Jersey, she combines both EDM beats with soulful pop hits in a way like no other. 


Adrienne has worked with some of the world's biggest artists in the concert and events industry for nearly a decade. Warm and outgoing, she's also a boss when it comes to making sure all event-related details go flawlessly. 


And hey, let's be real! She relates to brides and bridesmaids on a level most DJ's can't.  


Reserve Adrienne today and get ready for the party you deserve girl!