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Tom Brady Reveals Where He First Met Gisele Bündchen for a Blind Date

Get ready for this to be the most popular wine bar in all of America. NFL quarterback Tom Brady revealed where he had first met supermodel Gisele Bündchen in celebration of their wedding anniversary on Wednesday, February 26.

Brady took to Instagram to post a slideshow, one image of his wife making a heart by the Turks & Frogs restaurant sign and the second, an image of the Brazilian model with their kids. “The first slide is where we met and the second slide is what we’ve become,” Brady expressed in his touching post. “You have always been the one to hold us up and you love us the way no one else can. And we love you so much in return. Happy Anniversary Love of my Life.”

In October 2018, Bundchen opened up about the first date with Brady, along with other never-before-revealed details about their relationship and marriage. “We actually had a blind date,” she told Jimmy Fallon. “It was a funny story, because for some reason everybody thought they needed to like find me a boyfriend, so it was my third blind date. The other two were dinners, which, I was stuck there for an hour and a half thinking, ‘When can I get out? Where’s my food?’”

Then came Brady. “The third blind date was actually Tom, and I was like, ‘That’s it. I’m not going on anymore blind dates. Let’s meet for a drink,’” she said. “Because you know, a drink can take three minutes or two hours.” (Turks & Frogs, where the couple met, is a low-key Turkish wine bar located in New York City’s West Village, a neighborhood where the likes of Carrie Bradshaw and the Friends characters resided.)


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