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Exclusive: Groom Gets Cochlear Implants Ahead of His Wedding to Hear Bride’s Vows

There are few moments during a wedding that are more touching and heartfelt than the exchanging of vows—and for David Alianiello, it was all the more poignant because he was finally able to hear his wife’s voice.

“Right now, my hearing loss is so profound that I can’t tell the difference between a man’s voice and a woman’s voice, and so it’ll be interesting if I can tell the difference between, you know, my mom or my dad, my friends or my sister,” he told The Knot days before his wedding. “And then of course, I’m looking forward to hearing my daughter and my fiancée speak. I’m looking forward to that development.”

Though the pair didn’t plan on writing their own vows, hearing the traditional vows in each other’s voices was intended to be an exciting moment for both of them. In fact, the couple’s relationship technically started with a wedding.


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