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Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Reception: Five Moments You May Have Missed

Princess Eugenie’s wedding to her longtime love, Jack Brooksbank, was a highly anticipated—though notably more intimate, as compared to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding—affair, with 800 of their closest family and friends in attendance to celebrate their holy matrimony on Friday, Oct. 12.

The bride and groom, who kept many details of the wedding under wraps in the lead-up to the big day, even instated a strict social media ban on the parties both before and after the ceremony, but like any modern couple should know, giddy guests will always find a way around the rules.

As such, details of the fun-filled, festival-themed wedding reception have leaked, much to our delight. The happy newlyweds had not one, not two, but three receptions in all following their nuptials: an afternoon lunchtime reception hosted by The Queen; an evening black-tie affair hosted by Eugenie’s parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson; and a Saturday fairground-style fete to keep the party going. Below, here are five moments you may have missed from Princess Eugenie’s wedding weekend.

1. Prince Andrew Broke All the Royal Rules With His Speech

A proud Prince Andrew was eager to give a speech about his beloved daughter, Princess Eugenie, at the lunchtime reception, and boy, did he deliver. The father of the bride regaled guests with stories from Eugenie’s childhood as well as commentary on current events. But it was his anecdote about new son-in-law Brooksbank that had everyone in stitches.

According to a guest, Prince Andrew told a story about the first time he knew Brooksbank would be great at obeying orders: apparently, there was one time when both Brooksbank and the family dog, also named Jack, were in a room together. Jack, the dog, had hopped onto a chair, and Prince Andrew shouted, “Jack, get off!” Though the dog didn’t move, Brooksbank did, he recalled, and he even fled the room.

The Duke of York then broke “York House rules” to share a hug with his new son-in-law. Brookbank’s old headmaster, Anthony Wallersteiner, said, “It was the high point for everyone. The Duke said, ‘I’m going to break York House rules now,’ and he went over and gave Jack a big hug. It was in front of everyone, even the Queen. It was a huge moment, a human moment.”

2. The Groom’s Speech Made the Bride Cry

Brooksbank shared his own sentiments in a touching speech during the lunchtime reception, which caused his bride to shed more than a few tears. “For a young man of 32 to be that open about his emotions was quite affecting,” Brooksbank’s former headmaster told Hello! magazine. “He talked about how she is the one light of his life. She makes him complete and he can’t imagine spending a day apart. Everyone cried—Eugenie’s eyes went too. I mean, she wasn’t sobbing. It was just lovely, sweet, short and modern.”

“Obviously, they are in love and would stay in love for the rest of their lives,” the headmaster continued. “They’re immensely compatible.”


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