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Identical Twin Couples Celebrate Their Honeymoon at Disney World

When identical twin sisters Krissie and Kassie Bevier were growing up, they frequented Walt Disney World for just about every major occasion, including birthdays and holidays. But their new husbands, identical twin brothers Zack and Nick Lewan, had never been before their joint honeymoon.

“We’ve been here, but to experience with them, it’s a whole new experience for us too,” Krissie (who is married to Zack) said of herself and her sister Kassie. Added Kassie, “Anniversaries, birthdays, any time we can find an excuse, we would love to come back.”

At the theme park, the brides wore matching white Minnie Mouse T-shirts and cut-off jean shorts, both sporting white mouse ears with tiny veils. Their husbands donned matching grey Mickey T-shirts and wore Mickey ears on their heads as well (at least, long enough for a few selfies).

The foursome went on classic rides like Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and Dumbo and even took in some of the newer parts of the park, like Pandora, which is a nod to Disney’s 2009 hit Avatar.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the trip, however, was when the newlyweds met Mickey and Minnie. “That was, like, the highlight of the trip so far,” Krissie said, according to the Disney Parks blog. “I wanted to meet Mickey and Minnie so bad, because I haven’t seen them since I was really little.”

The couples, all 24, married earlier this month in a pair of ceremonies that took place just one day after the other (Zack and Krissie got hitched on August 3 and Nick and Kassie married on August 4) in Grass Lake, Michigan. The newlyweds shared a joint reception.

The sets of twins first met at Grand Valley State University in 2014 during a psychology class they had all registered for together. Their first double-date was at a Sunday church service, and from there, they were inseparable. They even got engaged at the same time last February, according to WILX.

Despite all their time spent together, all four are adamant that they have very different personalities, both as individuals and as couples.

“We’re not the same people. We’re actually very different—like night and day, when it comes to personality traits, Krissie told the Jackson City Patriot. “Yes, we look alike. Yes, we have similar interests in things. But we are very different people.”

And the couples plan to continue their Disney tradition way beyond their honeymoon. “We’ll definitely have a couple of kids at least,” Krissie told Disney blog. Added Zack, “We’ll definitely want our kids to come here.”


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