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Bride Overcomes Fear of Heights and Marries 400 Feet Above Utah Canyon: Photos

Talk about going “all-in”! When California couple Kimberly Weglin and Ryan Jenks decided to get married, they knew that it would be an all or nothing situation—in more ways than one. The daredevil pair, who are both adventurous thrill-seekers in their own right, combined forces to host a wedding of truly epic proportions.

On November 20, 2017, Weglin, 25, and Jenks, 33, exchanged vows during a stunning sunset in Moab, Utah, on a colorful net suspended 400 feet above the ground. The red rock cliffs were more than just scenic, however; the couple had previously slacklined in the area, and wanted to create new memories in the space.

“I used to be terrified of heights,” Weglin told People magazine. “So, it really meant a lot to get married in the air in a space that used to scare the s–t out of me, and have it feel normal. We also added a whole bunch of paracord to the net for the wedding … to ensure it’d be really stable for the day of. If you didn’t look down, it was pretty easy to forget where you were.”

The couple arranged the rest of their wedding around the elements, working with space net creator Andy Lewis (who also happened to be the best man) to construct a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing net for them to stand on and hiring The Hearnes Adventure Photography to capture their unique nuptials.


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