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Meghan Markle Wedding Dress HINTS!

Finally, the much anticipated proposal announcement of Meghan and Harry has been made public, resulting in the biggest media frenzy since Will and Kate!

Actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry posed for photos following the announcement, beaming in front of the cameras. These photos also offered our first glimpse of the all-important ring – a beautiful diamond design.

With the wedding set for Spring 2018, there is little time to wait for answers to the already viral speculation over the bride-to-be’s wedding dress choice. How traditional will she go? What is Meghan Markle’s true style? Which designer will create the dress that will be seen by the world in just a few months time?!

What We Already Know About Meghan Markle

The couple’s impending wedding has not been the only wedding on Meghan’s mind this year…


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