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Smiling Horse Photobombs Bride’s Wedding Day Photos—And the Internet Loves It

Patti Womer’s wedding was memorable for a number of reasons: the laughter, the tears, the … smiling horse? When the Pennsylvania-based bride got married in September, she had one unwieldy guest steal the show in a photo that has since gone viral—but she didn’t mind, not one bit.

Womer, an agricultural science major at Penn State University, is an avid lover of animals. On her wedding day, she wanted to surprise the groom with a meaningful gesture: by including Dutch and Cricket, two of the first horses that she and her late father bought together when she was just a little girl, in the ceremony.

The plan was for her to ride Cricket into the wedding and walk Dutch, her father’s horse, with an empty saddle next to her to represent her father’s presence on her big day. When it came time to snap photos of the touching setup, however, Cricket stole the show when she seemingly smiled at the camera.


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