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You Can Use Your Wedding Registry and More Ways to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

How can we help? It’s a question that’s been posed repeatedly by friends, family members, co-workers and people nationwide in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which for six days straight, crippled Houston before making its second landfall in southwest Louisiana on Wednesday. How can we help the people of Southern Texas as victims deal with the aftermath of a natural disaster that yes, resulted in historic levels of rainfall and–along with that statistic–the heartbreaking loss of homes, businesses, lives, and livelihoods?

Couples, wedding guests, bridal party members, parents, vendors, and many more are undoubtedly asking this same question amid wedding planning: How can we help? There are many routes to take, whether it’s supporting family members and friends who may have been impacted directly by Harvey, or by donating to the Red Cross (you can text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation) and other worthy organizations that are currently on the ground aiding with rescue relief efforts.

Amid ongoing humanitarian efforts, The Knot challenges couples to utilize their wedding registries for the greater good. This could mean setting up a charity registry to benefit organizations like the Red Cross and Team Rubicon, or via The Knot Gifts Back, a program that empowers couples to pick and choose organizations to directly aid Harvey victims. (The Knot donates up to three percent of the cost of each gift purchased through The Knot Gifts Back registry program.)

Below is a list of organizations directly aiding Harvey victims via The Knot Gifts Back. Add these organizations to your registry page, your wedding websites, and pass along to your loved ones.

Habitat for Humanity Project HOPE American Red Cross Americares Foundation Save the Children National Council of the YMCAs

Finally, as the situation remains urgent, consider donating directly to the Harvey Relief Fund by Pledging. Text HARVEY to 707070 or donate directly here. All funds will be split evenly between the Red Cross and Team Rubicon, who are both currently on the front lines working to help victims.


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