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This 100-Year-Old Flower Girl Stole the Show at Her Granddaughter’s Wedding

What do you do if you’re getting married, planning an adults-only wedding, and looking to honor your 100-year-old grandmother? Make her the flower girl, of course!

While planning her June 2016 nuptials to Robert Figueira at Cleveland Botanical Garden, bride Lindsey Vandevier knew she wanted her grandmother to play an important role in their celebration. Since the couple decided not to include little ones on the guest list or in the wedding party, the bride came up with a brilliant and super-sweet alternative: Make her grandma the flower girl.

“She’s the only grandparent I have left and she is very dear to me,” Vandevier tells The Knot. “2016 also happened to be the year of her 100th birthday! And since she’s fabulous for 100, I thought it would be unique and special if I had her as my flower girl—an idea she was really excited about.”


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