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Property Brothers’ Drew Scott and Linda Phan Will Have a Destination Wedding

Property Brothers star Drew Scott and his fiancee, Linda Phan, aren’t cutting any corners when it comes to their upcoming destination wedding. The most difficult detail so far has been nailing down a date.

In a new interview with People, the HGTV personality opened up about the ordeal. “The funny thing is, we have four sets of friends who are doing destination weddings over this next year, so Linda and I are trying to pick dates,” the future groom, 38, explained. “We pick a date and then somebody’s like, ‘That’s our week!’”

Adding to the dilemma is the fact that Phan, 31, is planning to have a huge bridal party. Drew’s twin brother, Jonathan, added, “The challenge is they can’t find a resort big enough because Linda has fourteen bridesmaids. It’s gonna be a massive wedding!”

Drew, meanwhile, briefly grappled with selecting his best man, but ultimately decided against picking between his twin and their older brother, J.D. Instead, both siblings will stand by the groom. “I want both my brothers to be there. They’re equally amazing,” Drew explained.

Jonathan, who was previously married, offered the future groom a piece of pre-wedding advice. “You really have to step back and realize it’s not giving up something if you make concessions to grow together,” he shared. “Communication is the most important thing, hands down.”

Phan—who works as the creative director for the brothers’ brand—started dating Drew in 2010. The couple got engaged last December after Drew pulled-off a meticulously-planned proposal in a Toronto restaurant.

“I’ve had to be as stealthy as a ninja to pull this off,” Drew said at the time. “I’ve never met another woman like her and once you do, you want to be with her forever.”

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